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Plug in

It seems these days that my phone, my iPad and my Kindle are always low on battery power.   I find myself frustrated in having to plug them in and then finding that the wire connections are too short to settle into my favorite reading chair.   I have to remind myself of how blessed we are to have electric power into which to plug.  

When we were cruising in our sailboat, out at sea we had two ways to generate electricity.  We could run the engine, or solar panels.  Either way we had limited power.   We were a sailboat with limited diesel fuel for our engine.   We saved it for when we needed it to navigate in a storm or when docking at port.   The solar panels were not very efficient and so gave us a finite amount of electric power each day.

We had a choice. We could use the electricity for the radio.  We used the radio for  checking the weather,   checking in with loved ones,  Tim’s school work, and to call for help in an emergency.  We could use the electricity to make water.   We could use it to run our lights at night, including the ones that told other ships not to run into us.   We could do any of these things, but not all of them.  Each day we had to choose.

So, today I am grateful that my water supply and electrical supply is ample.   I am grateful for those who work tirelessly so that I can turn on a light or watch TV.  I am grateful for the phone lines and internet that keep us connected.   And all of those deemed “essential” who keep us supplied.   Who knew that grocery workers and telephone repair persons are heroes.  We should have.   What else do we take for granted?   Our prayer today is to ask God to open our eyes to the blessings we take for granted and the people who make them possible.  And then ask ourselves, if they are essential, do they not deserve to be treated as such? 

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