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Image by Espressolia from Pixabay

Comfortable shoes

While I am making an effort to get out of pajamas and dress for the day, I have to admit that I tend to remain in my house slippers or warm happy socks. When we were cruising we took two sets of shoes, sandals for everyday wear and boots in case we decided to hike in the jungle. Most of the time on the boat we were barefoot. Our dress for the day was usually a tee shirt and swim shorts. Other boats wore less. We had a 14 year old son on board.
We didn’t realize how relaxed about our clothes and shoes had become until we hit the city of Panama. It was there we noticed our tee shirts had become faded in the sun and our sandals that shouted, “tourist.” (Although I will let you in on a secret. The way to tell a tourist off a cruise ship from a cruiser off a private boat-socks. For some reason cruise ship tourists wear black socks with their sandal. Cruisers don’t own socks.)
When we returned to port and rejoined the work force, we had to buy appropriate clothes and shoes. It was a shock, especially to my feet. They refused to be crammed back into high heels. In fact they rebelled against some low heeled dress shoes. In fact I found that I refused to be crammed back into the life I had led. I found I no longer had patience with worrying about appearances. I was happier being authentically me. Appearances don’t matter to God who sees our heart. During this time of not worrying about dressing for success, may you find your true you.