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Easter Comes Wherever we are

This is a story from before we were cruising.  I was working for First United Methodist in Glendale, Az.  Erick was an ICU nurse at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center and Tim was less than seven years old.   Our boat at that time was a trailer sailboat, a Catalina 22, the boat that later inspired us to go cruising.  We decided to go camping in our sailboat Easter weekend on Lake Pleasant.   Since it was Easter weekend, I could not join them until after Sunday services, so Erick and Tim went ahead on Saturday.

Erick launched the boat and they enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and fishing before anchoring for the night in the lee of a cliff that protected them from any winds.  They fell asleep to the calm evening noises of the waves lapping and an occasional coyote howling in the distance.   They woke to the fanfare of trumpets and singing from above!   Looking out they saw the sun rise.  What was going on?  Angels declaring Easter morning from on high?  No, it was a church holding sunrise services above them on the cliff.  

No matter how or where we celebrate it, the good news of the resurrection of Christ comes.  May you hear the trumpets sound and the angels sing.  Christ the Lord is risen!.  He is risen, indeed.  Alleluia, Amen.