Pictures of shoes accompanied my last two posts. So today I remember the monument we saw in Budapest called “Shoes on the Danube.” 60 pairs of iron shoes represent the 20,000 Jews who in were shot on the edge of the Danube after being forced to remove their shoes. Their bodies fell into the river and were swept away. Even though their bodies were lost to the icy waters, the monument proclaims that the lives of those who died count. There is a human tendency to find reasons why our group should fair better than some other group. Some want…

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Comfortable shoes
Image by Espressolia from Pixabay

Comfortable shoes

While I am making an effort to get out of pajamas and dress for the day, I have to admit that I tend to remain in my house slippers or warm happy socks. When we were cruising we took two sets of shoes, sandals for everyday wear and boots in case we decided to hike in the jungle. Most of the time on the boat we were barefoot. Our dress for the day was usually a tee shirt and swim shorts. Other boats wore less. We had a 14 year old son on board. We didn’t realize how relaxed about…

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Safety and Fears

While we were living at sea, our parents worried about us being overseas, and as my dad put it, "taking their only grandson with us." On the other hand, we heard in the news about violence in the United States. Our parents worried about us being unsafe abroad. We wondered about being safe when we came home. And then 9/11 happened while we were docked in D.C. across from the Pentagon. And nowhere seemed safe. For us, safety comes from being prepared as best we can. It means reducing the risks where possible. It means knowing the dangers and weighing…

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Thoughts and advice on staying at home. Honesty

So Erick advised last time, “be honest with others.” We often hear about people stuck all winter in the artic coming down with “cabin fever.” We can become anxious about our own health or sanity while in isolation. These days, if we cough, we wonder, “Is this the virus?” I don’t know about you but every time I hear a description of an illness, I begin to think I have it. We had been sailing for about two or three days, getting little sleep. We were sailing down the coast of Baja California, surfing down twelve foot waves. Erick, our…

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Thoughts and advice on staying at home: From Erick

From Erick Lundin (Pastoral Support) My wife asked me to write down some advice about being cooped up in isolation. My first thought is “Don’t hold grudges.” Secondly, “Be honest with others.” When we lived on a 40 ft sailboat, we were anchored in the middle of a river in Panama. My son and I were down below having a very heated argument. My son broke off and went up on deck while I stayed down below still feeling the emotions. Suddenly, I hear, “DAD! It’s a crock!” Geez, teenagers just know how to punch your buttons. I responded as…

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Thoughts and advice on staying at home: Privacy

Thoughts and advice on staying at home: Privacy

For ten years my husband and I lived on a boat that was 40 feet long and 12 feet wide with our teenage son. We were at sea for weeks at a time, which meant that we were more isolated than we are now. We did not have phone or computer or amazon prime. We had each other. We also could not get away from each other. Living with one another meant respecting each other’s privacy. We discovered that privacy is more an attitude than it is a separation by space or walls. We chose to either ignore or learn…

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Thoughts and Advice on staying at home.

Hand washing One of the best ways to avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus is to wash your hands often. And when you cannot wash, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. I’ve noticed that my hands have become really dry. I complained to Erick about this, but he is a retired nurse. No sympathy. But now, my touch screen isn’t working and my Iphone and Ipad cannot read my fingerprints. Bad enough I can’t visit with anyone, but now the alcohol and soap has limited my capacity to message or swipe. How can I reach out when my phone…

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Thoughts and advice on staying at home

As we weighed the dogs this morning, Erick said to me, Fay, since you are home more often, you are going to have stop giving the dogs treats. They are gaining way too much weight. And then, I weighed myself. Yes, I need to stop giving myself extra treats too. Too much coffee and chocolate wire me up. Then I sit at the computer . I become frustrated –because I am not a computer person- and then I get up and find myself in front of the refrigerator. Add to that I listen to too much news, which feeds my…

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What sailing taught me about surviving isolation

My family lived in our sailboat for ten years. We lived at sea for two of those years. I thought that it might be helpful to those isolating themselves at home to write about some of the things we learned about living at sea with a teenager in a 39 foot sloop sailboat. Here we are as our son heads to shore with his dog Sam. This was our sailing vessel Camelot. Big for a boat, tiny for a home. A lot about cruising comes down to state of mind. We were considered adventurers. We chose to live this way…

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