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Sue Lundin 1971

Make time for Fun


Easter brings the unexpected.   When our son Tim was born, we perhaps took  ourselves way too seriously as parents.  We  decided not to “play into the charade of fictional characters like Santa Claus and the Easter bunny .   It was not to be.    When Tim was about sixteen months old. I was driving him to church while my husband the ICU nurse was settling down to sleep after night shift.   As we drove down our street, there walking the other direction was a six foot white rabbit carrying an Easter basket.  Tim squealed with glee.   It was obvious to him that the Easter bunny was on the way to his house! 

Now this was before cell phones, but once I got to church I called my husband.  “Quick, get to the grocery store or pharmacy and buy a chocolate bunny and eggs. ”  We gave up and gave in to laughing at ourselves.   Later the three of us enjoyed playing Easter bunny to others,  sneaking early morning Easter baskets onto front doors of others.  Tim was especially good at ringing the front door and running.  

Years later, as I was packing for our cruise, I included an egg coloring kit and a pumpkin carving kit and even a tiny Christmas tree.   We tried to bring the best of our family traditions with us, even as we created new ones.   Don’t let the difficulties of this time prevent you from spending a little time in whimsy.   It is so easy to imagine the worst.  Make the effort to imagine the best.   And occasionally imagine the fantastical.  

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