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Thoughts and advice on staying at home: From Erick

From Erick Lundin (Pastoral Support)
My wife asked me to write down some advice about being cooped up in isolation. My first thought is “Don’t hold grudges.” Secondly, “Be honest with others.”
When we lived on a 40 ft sailboat, we were anchored in the middle of a river in Panama. My son and I were down below having a very heated argument. My son broke off and went up on deck while I stayed down below still feeling the emotions. Suddenly, I hear, “DAD! It’s a crock!” Geez, teenagers just know how to punch your buttons. I responded as I stormed up on deck, “I’ll show you a crock!” My son says. “No, Dad.” Pointing at the water, “It’s a big croc!” It was a croc. A big 12-foot crocodile right beside our boat.
I did apologize and explain to him what I thought I heard. Afterwards, I had a serious talk with myself about letting emotions get out of control.

To this day, I don’t remember what the argument was about, but I do remember the golden lesson learned.