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Thoughts and advice on staying at home: Privacy

For ten years my husband and I lived on a boat that was 40 feet long and 12 feet wide with our teenage son. We were at sea for weeks at a time, which meant that we were more isolated than we are now. We did not have phone or computer or amazon prime. We had each other. We also could not get away from each other.
Living with one another meant respecting each other’s privacy. We discovered that privacy is more an attitude than it is a separation by space or walls. We chose to either ignore or learn to enjoy our son’s music choices. Human bodies at times produce bad smells-get over it. Respect each other’s space, property and emotions. Look the other way. Listen to each other, really listen when someone wants to tell you something. Try to find ways to avoid hearing when they don’t. And pretend you didn’t hear when you can’t. Wear clothes that do not scandalize your fellow voyagers. And bathe whenever it rains.