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Thoughts and advice on staying at home

As we weighed the dogs this morning, Erick said to me, Fay, since you are home more often, you are going to have stop giving the dogs treats. They are gaining way too much weight. And then, I weighed myself. Yes, I need to stop giving myself extra treats too. Too much coffee and chocolate wire me up. Then I sit at the computer . I become frustrated –because I am not a computer person- and then I get up and find myself in front of the refrigerator. Add to that I listen to too much news, which feeds my anxiety. And again, without thinking I find myself back at the fridge. This pattern needs to stop.
So I have decided to be more intentional. I will exercise. I will limit my coffee. I will drink more water. I will exercise my dogs. I will not share my treats, because I will not treat myself so often. And when I feel anxious because of the news reports, I will turn off the news. I will pause, slow my breathing, and I will reach out to my God in prayer.
I wish you Peace. God bless.